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Harris Park

Is a dynamic suburb located 24 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD and at the geographical heart of Sydney’s Cumberland Basin.

Being at the doorstep of Parramatta’s modern metropolis, Harris Park is also one of the oldest suburbs in Australia’s European history as it is where emancipated convict James Ruse received Australia’s first ever land grant in 1791 and the suburb is named after Surgeon John Harris who received land grants in 1793 and 1805.

The suburb has the wonderful blend of its rich history together with its vibrant migrant communities that include Lebanese, Greek, Middle Eastern and more recently Indian and the sub continental.

The Harris Park shopping area on the western side of its train station is a robust cosmopolitan village filled with a fine selection of choice Indian restaurants and a variety of convenient grocery, fruit and vegetable shops and other useful small businesses to attend to all your staple needs.

The property styles of Harris Park range from charming Victorian mansions of the 1890’s  – more typically found in the Eastern suburbs – through to Federation cottages, the Californian bungalows of the war years and then to the red, white, and or cream brick coloured 3 storey walk ups that featured during the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. Being an old suburb, Harris Park has very few contemporary building, but rather the older properties are being renovated with a modern edge.

Harris Park’s proximity to Parramatta’s CBD attracts both first home buyers, owner occupiers and investors to buy now and watch their assets grow.


Founded on 2 November 1788, the ‘Cradle City ‘ was originally named Rose Hill, but renamed Parramatta in 1791 after the local indigenous (Burramattagal) clan, meaning “place where the eels lie”. Naturally, it is fitting the city’s National Rugby League team are known as the Mighty Eels.

Parramatta has a long and proud history and was the epicentre of the young colony for many decades. Famous land marks that still exist from this early period include Old Government House in Parramatta Park built in 1799, St Johns Church, Old Parramatta Gaol, Lennox Bridge and the Female Factory.

Today Parramatta is filled with great shopping, entertainment and both small and big business realising that Sydney CBD is not necessarily the only place to be. With easy access to public transport, which includes the Rivercat ferry services, being in the western suburbs makes Parramatta a very attractive and convenient place to both live and work.

Proud of its rich history to rival that of Sydney, it is Parramatta’s future that excites the community in the 21st century.

Parramatta is among the fastest growing cities in Australia and its CBD is expected to double within 5 years. Its city streetscape is changing quickly with new buildings, restaurants and cafes promoting a diverse and cosmopolitan European lifestyle. Of course the jewel in Parramatta’s crown will be its new $1.5 billion Civic Plaza which is expected to be completed around year 2016.

Parramatta’s property market has something for everyone as its ‘inner city’ offers 3 storey walk up apartments perfect for first home buyers and new large scale developments that cater for high end living.


Rosehill is essentially famous for 2 things, its racecourse – home of the Golden Slipper – and for being the home of Elizabeth Farm House – the oldest European house in Australia, built in 1793.

It similarly shares a rich history with Harris Park and has been recognised with Harris Park as a National Heritage Area. Despite this historical importance, Council planners have allowed recent town house and multi level developments to line James Ruse Drive .

Whilst perhaps not as obvious as Harris Park, there is a very broad migrant community that enriches the fabric of the area.


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