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Renting Infomation


You can search for a Trinity Realty property online at, and a variety of related industry linked sites. Also there are rental lists located in the office that are updated on a weekly basis.


Some things to consider before your search are:


·          How much you would like to spend per week on rent

·          What area you need to live in

·          What type of home you are looking for – is it an Unit, House, or Townhouse

·          The number of bedrooms

·          The number of bathrooms

·          Your car parking requirements



When you find the right property, you will need to complete a Application Form.  Within the application you will need to provide Trinity Realty with 100 points of identification of the person(s)who will be legally bound to the lease agreement and responsible for paying the rent. At this stage you will have to disclose exactly how many persons will be living in the property.

Below is the 100 point checklist within the application:


Drivers Licence

30 Points


30 Points

Proof of age

30 Points



Tenant Ledger

20 Points

Previous Tenancy Agreement

20 Points

Previous rent receipts

20 Points

Written Reference

20 Points

Rental Bond receipt

20 Points



Last 2 Pay Slips

20 Points

Letter to Confirm employment

20 Points

Bank Statements

20 Points



Birth Certificate

15 Points

Medicare Card

15 Points

Bank Card

15 Points

Pension Card

15 Points

Health Care Card

15 Points




Before moving in to the property a rental bond is required as financial protection should there be a breach in the lease agreement. Your rental bond will be lodged with the Rental Bond Board. The bond is held as security against to cover and costs if there are any damages which have occurred to the property at the conclusion of the tenancy agreement. In the event that there has been no damage to the property, and nothing more than 'normal wear and tear' expected during the tenancy agreement, the full bond will be refunded to you by either direct deposit or a cheque will be sent to your forwarding address.


The amount of the bond that has to be given to Trinity Realty to lodge before moving into your home is 4 weeks.


If we need to recover costs associated with the end of the lease, for instance unpaid rent, or repairs to damage caused by you, then only the exact costs associated will be claimed, with the remainder returned to you.


Keys & Locks

Picking Up Your Keys

After the signing of the lease you will be given the keys to your new home.


Returning Keys

Your tenancy does not officially end until all keys which were given at the commencement of the lease (including any copies you made) are returned to Trinity Realty. You will be responsible for paying rent until all the keys are returned.



Any request for changing the locks of your rented property must first be given for the approval by Trinity Realty. Changing any locks without our approval will incur additional cost to you the tenant.


Paying Rent

Trinity Realty’s preferred method of paying rent is by Direct Debit.  This is set it up in a matter and the rent will automatically be deducted from your nominated bank account or credit card each week, fortnight or month.  The direct debit form is located on the last page of the Application Form.



Initial Inspection


Before you move in to your new home, Trinity Realty will complete a full inspection and Condition Report which specifies any initial damages before the commencement of the lease. You will be able to take the condition report, add to it and return it to Trinity Realty within 7 business days. Please note if you do not return the Condition Report you have deemed to have accepted the Condition Report as prepared by Trinity Realty. At the end of the tenany Trinity Realty will determine if any damages have occurred during the tenancy by the initial condition report. It is recommended when filling out the Condition Report to not rush and complete it thoroughly so there is no discrepancy at the end of the tenancy.


Periodic Inspection

Trinity Realty will routinely inspect your rented property 3 months after the start of tenancy and then every 6 months thereafter. You will be contacted to arrange an inspection time that is convenient on both you and Trinity Realty and then you are issued with notice of the inspection time. Tenants are always advised that is there will be any issue in regards to the inspection to contact Trinity Realty.


Final Inspection

Final inspections are carried out at the end of the lease term after the keys have been returned.  The final inspection report is compared to the condition report which is completed before you move into the property to ensure that there has been no damage inflicted in the property.


Maintenance & Repairs


If there are any maintenance and repair issues they have to be put in writing by either email or by completing a Repair Request Form which can be filled out in the office or from this website. All requests take time to be processed as Trinity Realty will have to speak to the owner and the specific tradespeople. Then the tradespeople will call you to organise a time to come out to your home.


Ending the Tenancy

Termination of the Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract providing protection for both you and the owner. Once the fixed term has expired, you may continue living at the property or vacate.


If you decide to vacate your home at the end of your fixed term agreement you are required to give Trinity Realty 14 days prior to the expiry of your agreement. Otherwise if your Tenancy Agreement has expired you will be required to give Trinity Realty 21 Days notice to vacate.


Moving Out

When you move out of your Trinity Realty property, tenants will be responsible to for removing all of the belongings, thoroughly cleaning the entire property and to return the keys back to the Trinity Realty office.


Bond Refund

Your bond will only be refunded to you after the property is fully vacated. Bond deductions will be implemented if there are any damages occurred to the property, if the property has not been cleaned or if there is any outstanding arrears. A bond refund cannot be applied for until all keys have been returned to Trinity Realty and a final inspection has been carried out.




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