Trinity Realty Pty Ltd
58 Marion Street HARRIS PARK 2150 NSW
T: 02 9633 4000


Why Choose Us?


Trinity Realty is like the Western Suburbs communities professional, approachable, down to earth and we greatly appreciate our community - after all, this is where we live.


Our team has a tireless work ethic and a passion for the business that inspires us to do better and achieve better results.


We love to get involved, be proactive and we believe in complete integrity. In the same way that we're eager to help the area grow and thrive, we're committed to helping our clients flourish. Our clients' best interests are at the core of every decision we make and it's this simple principle which allows us to deliver a calibre of service and results beyond expectations. Its our philosophy.


Landlord Services


The difference is experience….offering a genuinely personal level of service, while at the same time delivering the highest standard of professional real estate service and expertise.


We save you time by dealing with the day to day issues. The ever present aim of our honest, reliable and hardworking staff is to minimise vacancies, maximise return and to provide the highest level of customer service possible.


We believe in open, honest communication with all our clients, we are experienced in liaising between owners and tenants, always offering fair and well-informed advice to both parties. Gone are the days when property management was simply about collecting rent. Changes in legislation and the level of service required by tenants and landlords have made property management a specialised division of real estate. The team at Trinity Realty specialise in property management and offer a diverse range of skills and experience.

For leasing and managing your investment property, the fees charged by Trinity Realty are competitive and are tailored to suit each individual situation. It is an investment not a cost, as we truly manage your property for you. Once you have experienced our "stress free" management you will become more confident to grow your property portfolio.

You can enjoy a “Peace of Mind” investment experience.


When Trinity Realty manages your investment property, these are just some of the many services available to you;


·         Property presentation advice

·         Assess market value of your property

·         Extended viewing hours for perspective tenants

·         Colour photographs

·         Signboard “For Lease”

·         Careful tenant selection process, comprehensive reference checks

·         Document Preparation

·         Regular inspections

·         Attractive window display

·         Bond Lodgement

·         Detailed ingoing condition of property reports with photographs

·         Arrangement of repairs and maintenance

·         Web based marketing with priority placements

·         Rental list updated daily

·         Tenant databases

·         Issuing of required notices

·         Committed tradespeople

·         Implementation of the Residential Tenancies Act

·         Quality controlled systems and procedures

·         Prompt rent collection & strict arrears control

·         Timely payment of outgoings

·         Lease Renegotiations

·         Accurate rental reviews

·         Insurance information guides

·         Monthly financial statements mailed and e-mailed

·         Yearly financial statements

·         Attendance to Legal Requirements

·         Representation before the Residential Tenancies Tribunal

·         Vacating tenant inspections

·         Liaison with Body Corporate and Strata Committees

·         Liaison with relocation companies

·         Professional handling of insurance claims and lodgements


We invite you to contact our Property Management team to discuss your investment specifically and arrange a complimentary meeting.



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