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Home Presentation Tips

Presenting your home for sale is about showcasing the best about your home, which is not necessarily showcasing the best features of your home.


Aim to have your property looking perfect, because this is what purchasers expect. Pay attention to detail. A properly prepared home can make the difference between a quick sale and/or a good price.


As much as purchasers are looking for good reasons why they should pay your asking price, they are also looking for reasons why they should not, or at least why they should pay less.


BEST FOOT FORWARD. Perfect presentation is the key. Your home needs to be clean, neat and tidy, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. Keep bench tops clean and organised and stoves and ovens grime free. Put clean towels in the bathroom and keep toilets and showers and bath tubs clean.


DECLUTTER. Remove excess and unwanted furniture, especially in those small areas so the place appears larger and less cluttered.


DON’T LIVE IN THE DARK. Ensure the home utilises natural light (open blinds and curtains).


FIRST IMPRESSIONS NEVER LIE. Lawns, gardens and landscaping neat and trim every week.


FOLD AWAY. Take clothes off the clothes line and pack toys away.


SMELL THE SMELL? Ensure your property has a pleasant odour. A suitable air freshener is useful (not a toilet freshener). It is best not to cook the morning of an inspection and smoking indoors should be avoided during the selling period.


NO PETS ALLOWED. Removal of all pets and animals from inside your home while you are selling. And don’t forget the pet food and the kitty litter box.


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE VIBE. Fresh flowers and soft easy listening music are recommended to create a warm ambience. Turn the TV off.        


MAKE IT FEEL LIKE HOME. If you have a fireplace, and if it is not too warm, have it going during inspections. If you have air conditioning, make sure your home is cool for inspections – turn on at least 30 minutes beforehand.


BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. Secure expensive items and valuables, for example, jewellery.


WHY YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD? It is a great idea to prepare an information index to be left on, say the kitchen bench, detailing local amenities including schools, parks, shops, restaurants and their menus, laundry services, transport lines and time tables.



The objective is to make all prospective purchasers leave your home and your neighbourhood feeling positive.



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