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History Of Strata Title

Strata title involves the vertical subdivision of land and the building on the land into lots and common property. The lots comprise the of units or apartments, while the Common Property comprises the land above, below and around the building, common walls, as well as common facilities within the building (such as foyers, elevators, stairs, landings, car park, driveways gymnasiums, swimming pools etc).  The various Australian states and territories each have jurisdiction in relation to strata and community titles. This means that each one has its own legislation, and while there is a degree of uniformity among some of the states, no two pieces of legislation are exactly the same.

Both strata and community titles in their statutory form originated in New South Wales. The first strata titles legislation was enacted in 1961 when the New South Wales Parliament passed the Conveyancing (Strata Titles) Act 1961.

Beginning in 1961, all other Australian states and territories have passed strata titles legislation.

The lots are effectively parcels of "airspace" usually bordered by floors, walls and ceilings as defined on a (strata) plan drawn by a surveyor and registered in the titles office.

The common property is everything that is left after the lots are taken out of the original land parcel. Because of this approach the plan does not actually define the common property.

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