Trinity Realty Pty Ltd
58 Marion Street HARRIS PARK 2150 NSW
T: 02 9633 4000

New Business

Trinity Realty is a fully licensed agency with the necessary talent and experience to provide services to strata schemes of all sizes. We work in partnership with developers and existing Executive Committees/Owners Corporations to satisfy your needs.

We have experience in the management of small, medium, large and multi level strata plans and are confident we can provide the professional level of services and expertise you require and expect.

Trinity Realty will demonstrate;

   transparency at all times. As the Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the property, we offer detailed reports on budgets, levies and exactly how your schemes monies are handled.

   a proven ability for financial reporting and responsible budget preparation;

   a consistent ability to who provide assistance and solutions to developers, Executive Committees and the Owners' Corporation.

   a joint partnership approach when attending to defects, repairs and insurance or warranty claims.

   an intimate and up to date knowledge of relevant legislation and Occupational Health & Safety and Fire compliance; and

Our goal is open and honest communication to provide solutions and to minimise surprises.

Please contact us for a quote now. We are confident you will won’t be disappointed.

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